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I'd like to refresh the subject and say that I've got the same problem at work with that server. If anyone is capable of helping then please do. Only sometimes after reboot cursor appears on a blank screen and nothing wants to boot (hdd,dvd etc.). But screw that! I didn't figure that yet but unplugging it for a minute or two brings it back to life. Maybe it's a hardware problem.

Anyway the problem in my case is installing hardware Raid drivers. I'm using the same hardware and distribution. CentOS is installing ok but two disks are not replicating. Automatic configuration of LVM is normal in Red Hat type distributions. I'm looking for drivers and a way to install them. Right now it give's us all a big headache. I'm not sure if hardware Raid needs software drivers nor that server has full hardware Raid.

If anyone can help with that then please do.
Thanks in advance.
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