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I got it working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I turns out that I did have the ssl.conf file (I was looking on a diff server when I was not able to find ssl.conf before... )

So, my problem was that there were duplicate directives on httpd.conf and ssl.conf, so httpd.conf would load mod_ssl and then ssl.conf would try to do the same (the same with the listening port)

All I had to do was to fix the path on ssl.conf (for where it expected to find the certs to the one I created while doing this how-to) and comment out the duplicate directives ( I opted to comment out on httpd.conf anything that had to do with ssl and leave ssl.conf as the ruler of all ssl-related configs)

Now I have https on control-panel!!!!

Thanks for the how-to and my apologies if I seemed like an ass... I just get upset when I see replies to questions that do not really help the situation (not only when its on questions posted by me... )
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