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The output of postconf -n | grep message_size_limit is nothing....
The output of postconf -d | grep message_size_limit is:
message_size_limit = 10240000
Thanks for the tisps on sequring the server...

Is this a guide that will work for me on fedora with portsentry and logcheck (keep in mind that I`m a noob)...
Should I also install Chkrootkit for "antivirus" or is there somting alse....

A few aditional questions...

-I see the server gives output on telnet...
Should i just shut down telnet....
I can`t think of anything I need it for?
It just gives away information on the software I`m running on my server, and gives the hacker a head start?
-Is there any online scanners for testing my server?
-Is there a limit for how many e-mail adresses one can have under one domain?

Thanks again for helping me out

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