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Default Total Frustration-HELP

okay so i will be hosting multiple virtual domains. Running on a SuSE9.3 with ISPconfig installed i got it all up and running (I thought)

The websites come up no problem (the actual page on the ISPconfig server) but here is what is not working:

Email seems to not be recieving..and the webmail installed (UBI) wont log into any mailbox's. I send test messages from hotmail and never get a undeliverable message in where are they? I use multiple mail clients on other machines to check and they (like outlook) cannot login to the mail box(s) either.

HTTPS instantly errors out

FTP only works if i use the internal ip of the server but if I try to ftp using a domain name on the server nothing happens.

If it matters my domains are pointed to FREEDNS server ( that in turns directs the request to my cable modem.

Frustration on this is that i know 1% about linux (so im new here). I currently have a windows system working with email and web through FREEDNS with 7 domains on it, but want to dump it for the linux (Tired of Microso...t). I want to move it all over to the SuSE/ISPConfig setup. Please any help/advice.

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