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Hi, I would like to inquire if the feature request I submitted 3 months ago (FS#674 : Add more variables to the Website path) is being considered, or has perhaps already been implemented in a new version.

What I would like to ultimately achieve, is to basically nowhere use/see IDs. This includes any directories, shell users/groups, database names, database users, ftp users, etc. I think using IDs in these places greatly reduces readability and coherence. Instead of IDs, custom (meaningful) names should be used.

At the moment, if I wish to browse a certain database in phpmyadmin for example, I first have to learn the ID of the site in question. Same goes for directories, users, etc.

So, I actually have two questions now:
1. Is my feature request being considered?
2. Is it possible to get rid of IDs as described above?

Thanks in advance!
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