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Default SystemImager Falko-Way

Hey everybody, this is my first one over here, so upfront:
great site so far and man I really spent a lot of hours already trying out the most of the how tos, not that they are so fdifficult but most of all they very interesting and many of them available;-).

To the point:
I tried to figure out
but it fails with

@ERROR: Unknown module 'scripts'
rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1171)
ERROR: rsync of the master script failed!
So I took a look at the script itself and found this line

rsync $image_server::scripts/$image_name.master /tmp
to be honest I have no clue what thi ":scripts" should be and why there is a ".master" behind the image variable

One would think the command should be s.t. like
"rsync -r $image_server:/var/lib/systemimager/images/$image_name /tmp"

So I guess the error is somewhere there ..

Would be amazing if some of you guys could gimme a hint ;-)
thanks in advance
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