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Default Almost complete


I've uploaded a zip-file to the ftp-server named
I need a few of you (the more the better) who can fill this in for me, but if you are not shore about this, don't do it. The files in the zip are available in two formats: .doc format for office fans and .odt for the OpenOffoceOrg fans.
I only need 3 files (not 6).

Its nearly the last thing I need.

Yes indeed, its almost ready, I just have to put the pieces together now in a logical order. A final test-version should be uploaded on wednesday evening, depending on the zip-question above.

And for ThE LyNX, thanx man.

To Falko, I also don't believe in a wiki, but this knight I was thinking;

Why not holding a documentation contest, maybe with a time limit, and why not, put a price against it...
Manual: "ISPConfig after installation" at:

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