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Thanks for your answer, but that's not exactly my problem.
Booting the original SuSE-kernel results in endless hanging periods (ata1/2 timeout command 0x?? stats 0x?? host_stats 0x??).
Booting a reduced kernel I compiled myself results in a kernel panic:
waiting for device /dev/mapper/via_ebdfgdfgeg2 to appear: ok
no record for 'mapper/via_ebdfgdfgeg2' in database
rootfs: major=254 minor=2 devn=65026
Mounting root /dev/mapper/via_ebdfgdfgeg2
mount: no such device
umount2: device or ressource busy
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!
I suspect udev to be responsible for that. Does anybody know the exact reason?

Booting from a separate hd the same modified kernel (my own compilation) drastically reduces the timeout hanging time.

Any suggestions about that?

Greetings, HB

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