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Kind of interesting thought...
A little over 2 years ago I built my first ISPconfig server running Ubuntu 6.
I only had 256MB of RAM and 10 websites all with about 3-5 mailboxes, and joomla on each site. My memory usage was almost 100%.
Since then I have scaled the server back to 3 websites, 2 email accounts and all running the original joomla. Memory usage was down to 60%.

Up until about 2 weeks ago... I only had to reboot the server every 3-4 months to speed her up. After an upgrade of iscponfig my memory usage was pegged and swap was peaking 2-5 hours after a reboot.
Days of research, troubleshooting and posting got me know where...

After questioning on this site I purchased a new linode and performed a Ubuntu perfect server 9.04 - ISPConfig3... followed it to the "T".
Since the install of ISPCfonfig3 and 3 basic websites(just the setup, no content)... The memory is already at 75% and the swap is around 50%.
I do understand how to determine what apps/services are utilizing memory and how much...
My question is.. how do I determine what app/service is using SWAP when there is memory available..?

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