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Thanks to Till for planning to provide an FTP option in upcoming ISPConfig releases - see the bugtracker.

Till, additionally it would be great if you could define a field and a database column for "user_email_access" as well - due to my patches above. I personally really need this field and it is used by customers in my installation. You know that doctype handling is not very easy to manage and every official change in the user's doctype def would force me to have a lot of work afterwards. Moreover, my inofficial database doctype columns (like "user_email_access") will get lost on every update and require additional work. Otherwise I can understand that especially this field can be irritating as a general offer on the user tab because it maybe does not suit quite well to the concept of the ISPConfig2 user (e.g. the required localpart field does not depend on the email checkbox field, what makes no sense of course).

So this field could be hidden by default (as some other fields always are inside the doctype def) and it's appearance could ideally be controlled by a directive in the general config file. If you like, I would provide a patch for this.

This way the "Enable E-Mail" feature can be optionally activated by ISP's and - last but not least - provide a way (even if deactivated by default) to have FTP-only users. This also makes sense if you think about the remoting framework, where an UI is possibly less irritating by separation of email and ftp users.
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