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Default Got stuck

I could rsync my asterisk pbx based on Centos 5 with Ip to my Proxmox server

It imported the files and everything.
According to your instructions

vzctl set 211 --onboot yes --save
vzctl set 211 --hostname --save
vzctl set 211 --ipadd --save
vzctl set 211 --numothersock 120 --save
vzctl set 211 --nameserver --nameserver --save
vzctl set 211 --diskspace 10000000:11000000 --save

How do I set Swap and memory ?

I followed the remaining instructions

sed -i -e '/getty/d' /vz/private/211/etc/inittab
rm -f /vz/private/211/etc/mtab
ln -s /proc/mounts /vz/private/211/etc/mtab

cp /vz/private/211/etc/fstab /vz/private/211/etc/fstab.old
grep devpts /vz/private/211/etc/fstab.old > /vz/private/211/etc/fstab
mkdir /vz/private/211/dev
mknod --mode 666 /vz/private/211/dev/ptmx c 5 2
mkdir /vz/private/211/dev/pts
cp -a /dev/ttyp* /dev/ptyp* /vz/private/211/dev/
rm -f /vz/private/211/dev/null
mknod --mode 666 /vz/private/211/dev/null c 1 3
mknod --mode 444 /vz/private/211/dev/urandom c 1 9
mkdir /vz/private/211/proc

But I got stuck at
cat /dev/null > /vz/private/211/etc/network/interfaces

Since I have Centos Running, I dont have the interfaces file.
So which is the file equivalent to interfaces, in Centos
For example
the path to all the config files in Centos is
Then there are number of files there.
So which is the correct file.

And finally

According to your command
cat /dev/null > /vz/private/211/etc/network/interfaces
When I lookup up the /dev/null file, it is totally empty.
So why is this step required?

Thanks in advance.
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