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Default Hosting my own nameservers: How? Recommended?

I have successfully set up an ISPConfig3 server on Centos 5.3 per the perfect server tutorials, where everything is working fine. I have even installed a second server that will be managed through the first ISPConfig 3 GUI. Now to the questions:
  • Can I use both servers as nameservers (ie,
  • If yes, do I simply give the nameservers (names and IPs) to the registrar (godaddy?) of
  • If not, why not?
  • What needs to be in place (configuration wise, etc) in order for this to work? I do have a working DNS.
  • Is it even recommended to host both servers?
  • Can anyone share with the rest of the community what they have done that has worked for them?

Thanks, as always for any input.

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