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I just found out, how to force SSL for access to my ISPConfig 3 installation (https://server1.example.tld:8080), which is nicely explained here in the forum, but now I am clueless on how to force SSL for access to phpmyadmin and webmail as well (which in that case are accessible by http://server1.example.tld/phpmyadmin and http://server1.example.tld/webmail right now -> I installed SquirrelMail according to the The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 9.04 [ISPConfig 3], so SquirrelMail is symlinked in /var/www as "webmail -> /usr/share/squirrelmail/").

Both are not under the control of ISPConfig, so what's the best way, that does not interfere with the ISPConfig 3 setup?
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