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Default lost connection to database

On my (vmware/test) ispconfig server I tried to do the upgrade.
Just "apt-get install php5"
It removes the php4 apache mod and then installs the php5 mod for apache and the php5 package.
When I do a "a2dismod", I can see the php4 mod is removed and the php5 loaded.

Then my the joomla sites say:
Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:The MySQL adapter "mysql" is not available.

It looks like php5/apache is unaware of the mysql server or the other way arround.
I checked the php.ini for php5 but can't find much difference with the one of php4 concerning the MySQL server settings.

I even installed the php5-mysql package but still no luck.

Is there some configuration file I should adjust to make the two talk to each other again?

Thanks in advance.

Rgds Edo
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