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Default Sequring TPS Fedora4

Hello again

I used your ISP setup on Fedora 4.

This is my first linux webserver, so new questions come up all the time

I`ve now been running this setup on one server for two monts, and just installed another one for about a week ago.

The setup is basicly unchanged from the tutorial, how sequre is this?.

The question is now how do I sequre the server form attacks.
-I vould like to get logs on attacks etc from the server daily.
-I vould like to proteckt ssh etc from brute force.
-Sugestions on modifications from the default setup to make it more sequre.
-And anything alse to make it fortnox....

What is the max e-mail size in postfix as standard, how tho change this.....

Well, quite many questions....
It sums up to, how do I sequre my server so it don`t get hacked (I know it can`t be 100% sequre),

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