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Default How to convert a KVM image in to an openvz container in Proxmox?

Hi Falko,
I followed your article "How To Convert Physical Systems And Xen VMs Into OpenVZ Containers (Debian Etch)"
I need some clarification.
I am using proxmox. So KVM and openvz reside on the same system.
I have setup up a kvm image of centos based asterisk system just the way I want it. Now, I want to convert that into an openvz container.

so what should I do to apply your instructions in proxmox's context.

You instructions

" server1/server2:

apt-get install rsync

Now let's transfer server1's files to the OpenVZ container:


rsync -arvpz --numeric-ids --exclude dev --exclude proc --exclude tmp -e "ssh -l root@" root@ /vz/private/211/ "

After that is answered, what value should I put in your example
" vzctl set 211 --ostemplate debian-4.0-i386-minimal --save "

The Os is centos 5.

Thanks in advance

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