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Default Postfix + postfixadmin = SMTP errors...

I installed Postfix with Postfixadmin some weeks ago. I've been able to solve most of issues I met (several errors from receiving servers) but there is something I cannot understand yet.

This is what I get from a receiving SMTP server:

Jun 23 09:57:43 node1 postfix/smtp[3950]: send attr reason = host[] refused to talk to me: 550 
Jun 23 09:57:43 node1 postfix/smtp[3950]: 418E098004C2: 
25, delay=80211, delays=80211/0.03/0.45/0, dsn=4.0.0, status=deferred 
(host[] refused to talk to me: 550 )
I also tried:

# telnet 25 
Connected to ( 
Escape character is '^]'. 
Connection closed by foreign host.
What's that? A sort of blacklist?

I checked my IP at but it seems it's not blacklisted at all... :-(

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