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Originally Posted by rukus77 View Post
Hi Till,

I can confirm that I am reaching the stats from the actual domain (i.e.

I checked apache config and only global aliases are for error, icons and script alias for cgi-bin.

I am certain the stats are combined because web20 is a brand new site and it contains data from last month. In Top 30 URLs, there are several files that belong to my other sites as well.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Indeed i can 100% verify this as: -> server IP with domain

On my main htdocs i serve files for my counter strike servers. So i can see that the domains get stats from them as well because of the maps and sounds people are downloading.

Originally Posted by till
Take a look at the access log of this site. Does it contain data from other sites?
What should i be looking at?

Another problem setting the password in the client panel for the stats page doesn't work. Only the password for the main account works (admin account)
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