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Default adding new ip`s


i followed the "perfect centos 5.2 server " tutorial by the book, excepting the adding more ip s part, because for the first time i didnt think that i will need more ip s, but now, after e days of testing ispconfig 3 on this centos server, i m very satisfied, no more problems, no more "To many connections" problem, no more,


Password lost?
so, i want to move all my other network services on this server, the DC server, for my network, the site, the radio .... some of them are registered on subdomains that i can t change anymore, but i m still using them, and i don t want to lose them .... so, my problem ...... ading more ip s on the server:
i follow the tutorial -> ifconfig eth0:0 123.456.789.12 netmask [...] and after that i m adding more ip`s for the server from the isconfig panel, the ip that i just made it work on eth0:0 ?? or adding more ip s on the isconfig panel means automaticly adding more virtual interfaces ???

one other thing:

the server now has a stange configuration :


the ip that i want to add is

anyway: the gateway and the nameservers, are totally different from what isconfig recognized here, i haven`t changed absolutelly anything because on the other fedora server , one of the changes i made, caused the problems with creating new domains, adding more mail accounts, being unable to login because of the upper error, or "to many connections".
also one of the mistakes i made, maybe, was to change the server`s hostname. after changing, or the server configuration from the isconfig, or the hostname, the problems started ...

can someone please take a look at this errors, and eventually give me an idea ??

thanks !
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