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Originally Posted by Cirox

every ip can have only one reverse dns name, but many domains could point to one ip.

i dont know exactly if this solves your problem, but for a right configured mailserver, its better to use reversedns name = fqdn of your box and you have to have a like this for example:

@ IN MX 10 yourserver
smtp IN CNAME yourserver
yourserver IN A ip.from.yourserver

with you can reach imap and smtp server to send/recieve mails with your client

greetings cirox
My ISP does not give me the capability to configure anything in my reverse zone file other than my domain. I'm using my registrar's namesservers, and they were no help in configuring my zone file. In fact, I called them and the rep told me that I couldn't use their nameservers if I was hosting my own sites.
I'll just keep trying to figure it out. Thanks for your help.
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