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Originally Posted by till View Post
Yes, thats the default.
I did notice that if I don't check it, the original virtualhost gets edited to add the new IP. If I do check it, the virtualhost gets edited, but it also added a new virtualhost for an SSL version, even thought I didn't ask for it yet. That's not a problem.

Originally Posted by till View Post
Are you sure that your server is the authoritive nameserver for this domain? To query the local dns server use:
dig @localhost domain.tld
I did check that. I checked it again this morning, and it had changed. I know they say it takes up to 48 hours to change, but usually my DNS changes take only a few hours for some reason. I guess this one was more "normal".

Originally Posted by till View Post
Public IP addresses have only be configured on your router and not your server. Private IP addresses have to be configured on your server of course in the config files.
ISPConfig must be doing something because after adding the new IP to the server on ISPC, ifconfig -a now shows the new private IP address added, and I didn't edit /etc/network/interfaces.
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