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till: And domain.tld is setup in ispconfig only as mailbox domain and not as relay domain?

can someone plzz explain the 2 comments ??? relay domain and mailbox domain ??
i have 2 domains of my own, and the server is named

for this domain -> is it possible for not being able to create mail accounts and working ???

the zone and the subdomains for this domain i have it on ispconfig , and on the same server i got from a friend a subdomain, ... if i m creating mail accounts for this subdomain, everything works fine, i get the mail , wellcome to your new mail account bla bla bla, the maill account looks like this,

when i m trying to make mail accounts for the
mail accounts like are created but not allways, and when they are created i can t receive e mails, i only can send .... the reply on the mail that i am sending from is name account not registered as e-mail account

and right now i m getting same problem for all of the e-mail accounts allready created

connection dropped by imap server
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