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Default Public and private IP address confusion

I was going to ask this in an earlier post ( but this really is a separate question.

I'm adding SSL to a few sites that will be running in Ispconfig. The server is behind a router/firewall that now has a single public IP routed to the server's private IP of That private IP is also the one I set as the "default" server IP in ISPConfig. I have 5 public IP's that I can use. I know I need a separate public IP for each certificate.

When you use the System>Edit server IP>Add new IP address, do you add a new private IP, then I'd use the router to point the public IP to it, or just add the public IP directly to ISPConfig?

I've tried to experiment with it, but so far it hasn't worked. I tried adding a new public IP address in ISPC, then switched one site to use that IP instead of the *. I made sure the DNS entries reflected the change, but I could never access the site after making the change. I don't know if I'm missing a step somewhere, or there are other changes that have to be done manually.

Also, when setting up a site that will use SSL, do you need to set up two seperate entries in the Sites section, one for HTTP and one for HTTPS?
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