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Well we used the OFFICIAL guide from this url
The perfectly hidden one was not found at the time. And it did NOT work out of the box. We found our way, but still out of the box it didn't work.
Sure very hidden ispconfig documentation page I installed a lot of servers with this guide and it works fine for me and many others without any tweaks needed.

errr that's the ISPC3 forum. Remember? Wishful thinking maybe?
No, just ispconfig 3 statistics. And yes, I know the difference between ispconfig 2 and 3

There are about 300 - 400 ISPConfig 3 downloads per day without the downloads for updates and without downloads for beta and RC releases. So when you claim in your post that ISPConfig setup is not working out of the box in general and it's just silly.

errr that's the ISPC3 forum. Again. Would you be so kind to point me out how to configure a ispc3 cluster? That would be very helpful. But as far as I've read your own comments on people's questions about it the answer was: "It's not implemented." In my understanding "multi server system" means support for multiple servers to be used in one system and not some silly mapping to other single servers.
The posts talked about mirroring for load balancing and not of running services on different servers like separate mail, web and dns servers what you claimed is not possible. Just select expert mode when you install ispconfig on the second server and you will be asked if the server shall join a master server. I know several ISP's running ispconfig clusters with separated services in production enviroments.
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