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Originally Posted by till View Post
The content filter runs out of the box perfectly if the system is installed as described in the perfect setup guide.
Well we used the OFFICIAL guide from this url
The perfectly hidden one was not found at the time. And it did NOT work out of the box. We found our way, but still out of the box it didn't work.

Originally Posted by till View Post
I'am doing these installations daily and there are > 10 000 installations with ISPConfig out there were it works.
errr that's the ISPC3 forum. Remember? Wishful thinking maybe?

Originally Posted by till View Post
So instead of claiming that it does not work gernerally while it just not worked for you, why did you not just asked if you had a problem?
I've fixed the problem. I was speaking of out of the box which is pretty different thing.

to 3) I work also in a software company and it never blocked any zip file in the last year since we use it, so the question is which settings you use. Amavisd is a widely used spamfilter.
That's like claiming every crash is survivable because you survived one. Most normal people don't spend their lives tweaking settings. And most admins don't really understand business requirements so this is a problem.

to 4) That was your decision. ISPConfig is a multi server system to separate mail and webserver. If you decide to install web and mailserver on one machine, dont blame the software for it.
errr that's the ISPC3 forum. Again. Would you be so kind to point me out how to configure a ispc3 cluster? That would be very helpful. But as far as I've read your own comments on people's questions about it the answer was: "It's not implemented." In my understanding "multi server system" means support for multiple servers to be used in one system and not some silly mapping to other single servers.
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