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Default ISPConfig 3.0 & multiple servers


I want to install ispconfig 3.0 in a cluster with several virtual machines running.

At the end, what I want is to configure in diferent machines is diferent services and control all of them form a single point.

Per example, thinking in 3 domains (A, B, and C):

Server A) Mail server for domain A.
Server B) Mail server for domains B and C.
Server C) DNS for domains A, B, and C.
Server D) Apache for domains A, and B
Server E) Apache por domain C
Server F) FTP Server for domains A, B, and C

Is it posible to set a configuration such as this with ispconfig 3.0?

I am also testing OpenQRM to control all of this virtualmachines.

Any opinions and/or suggestions on this configuration are welcome.

Thank's in advance....Larry.
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