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Default Help for a totally noob on ISPconfig

Hi, sorry if this post is inappropriate.

I was trying to read the documentation but I am boggled.

I was able to setup ISPconfig 2 on a server with a single IP on (I used domain)

now, the big question I have is, what will be my next step. The guide on howtoforge's "ISPConfig 2.x - First Steps (Creating Web Sites, Email Addresses, Etc.)" is a bit unclear for me.

I was able to set up a client but when I logged in as a client, there were no options to add a website...

Also, if may domain is, can I just set, etc.. for name server?

thanks very much..

Just want to emphasize that this is my first attempt on having full control of a VPS.. i've been a webclient before but only as a customer (CPanel). Please help..


By the way, this is on a production server, not on a local network.

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