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Default Can't connect to control panel / some other questions

Hi all,

1) I installed a new server at home yesterday and it seems to be working fine.


2) Now I'm at work (I work at HP and connect trough a VPN connection) and want to access / test the customer login. I can't connect how ever

* ?
* ?

Is there something i have missed. For the server setup i used the:
The Perfect Server - OpenSUSE 11.1 [ISPConfig 3] how to but on x64

3) Another thing is that it seems i can't see the stats for these sites?


4) Webmail passwords?


What login and passwords should be used here? As i can't find it anywhere in the documentation (the documentaion for ISPconfig is bad / not completeat all to be honest)

Thanks in advance, and thanks to one of the admins who after such a long time finnaly activated my account
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