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Default ISPConfig3 - Autoresponder unreliable in Lenny

The Perfect Server including ISPConfig3 installed on Debian Lenny 5.0

The Autoresponder has a Bug, if you set it up it will autorespond the first time someone emails the address I have the autoresponder setup for, then after that the autoresponder no longer works. To get it to work you have to log in to ISPConfig3 again and disable it and then click SAVE and enable it again and then SAVE again and then it will work again but after the next time it stops working again. I saw this also reported on Bug Tracker but the bug report was closed by Administrator because it said the bug had been fixed. How do I fix it and where is the Bug Fix? Thanks to anyone who can help

ISPConfig3 is great and so is the How To. After this bug is solved it will be perfect for me.
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