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Default Fix login problem

If you come across the problem where there are no users on the login screen, or there are other problems with th login screen, after installing ISPConfig 2, follow the following instructions.

  • Restart computer
  • Before fedora starts loading press E
  • Pick the line fedora would normally use to boot and edit it
  • Add a (space and then a) 3 onto to the end of the line to boot to runlevel 3
  • Login as root
  • Run the following command "chown root /etc/shells"
  • Run the following command "chmod 777 /etc/shells"
  • Run the following command "vi /etc/shells"
  • Press A to go to insert mode
  • Remove the "/SENDMAIL/ANY/SHELL" line from it
  • Press ESC
  • Type ":wq" to write the changes to the file and quit vi
  • Type reboot
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