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Originally Posted by CoDonCo
Under Management, Server, Settings
1- the tab Server: the Admin Email, can this be any email or should this be a servers email?
This can be any email address.

2- the tab Web: Frontpage Path, when frontpage isn't installed, should this be made empty or can I leave the default value as is?
You can leave the default value. Frontpage is enabled when you select frontpage active on the functions tab.

For Suexec, when do I have to mark the checkbox and when not, and why exactly is it for (short explanation, it's only to check if I'm on the right track)?
Suexec is a kind of chroot for cgi scripts. If your apache server is compiled with suexec and the document root that is compiled in your apache matches the docroot from ISPConfig, this shall be enabled.

3- the Email tab: like in the first question, witch one for the Antivirus-Admin?
You can use any email address you like.

4- the Save Log on some of the pages, are they for debugging or should I leave them always checked, or uncheck them later (won't they grow to big when I leave them always on)?
I recommend to disable save log. This log is not rotated, it is a log function that is nescessary due to the law in some countries.
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