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Default Tutorial: Virtual hosting with Postfix

I have followed these instructions but on page two of this tutorial I am not certain what to do below:

Tutorial instructions:

This is exactly what we set up in Part One. OK, so now we've got dovecot taking the user to the correct mail directory, now we still need to authenticate them. Line 23 tells us we want to support two types of authentication methods: plain and digest-md5. Plain is what every client under the sun supports, so we'll go with that. The digest portion doesn't harm anything sitting there and if your client supports it, then by all means, use it!

Finally, on lines 24 and 25 we see a userdb file and passdb file. Think of these as a second /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow file. The format of these files goes like this:



That encrypted password is an MD5 hash of the word 'test'. mkpasswd is a great utility for generating MD5 passwords. The 1000:1000 corresponds to the uid and gid of the "virtual" user we created in Part One. The home directory includes everything but the word before the @ in the email address.

My confusion is what to call these files and are they just plain *.txt files. I am using Mandrake 9.2 so I will be using the Apache password utility to generate passwords.

See URL below for the tutorial page 2.

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