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Default questions


Before I can go on I have a few questions for you all.

Under Management, Server, Settings
1- the tab Server: the Admin Email, can this be any email or should this be a servers email?

2- the tab Web: Frontpage Path, when frontpage isn't installed, should this be made empty or can I leave the default value as is? For Suexec, when do I have to mark the checkbox and when not, and why exactly is it for (short explanation, it's only to check if I'm on the right track)?

3- the Email tab: like in the first question, witch one for the Antivirus-Admin?

4- the Save Log on some of the pages, are they for debugging or should I leave them always checked, or uncheck them later (won't they grow to big when I leave them always on)?
Manual: "ISPConfig after installation" at:
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