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Default update


Well, I guess I have to do this.
And I've got goed news for you, I already started it.
It's not much, I know, but that will change soon.

And you can follow the progress.
I've set up an FTP-site where you can read and/or download things that are already done. You can find it at
If you want to contribute something you can always upload your stuff to the "incoming" folder on that site.

Eventually the manual will be very different as what you see now, the structure will be different and more logical, probbably with more text and less and smaler pictures. The purpose of this one is only to serve as a reference for the eventual manual.

And as of now, you will here from me a lot more.

And if you want to know where the name CoDonCo comes from, well:
My name is Cockx Ludo
My wifes name is Donhuysen Monique
And I have 5 children witch I call the Company
So now you know.
Manual: "ISPConfig after installation" at:

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