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Default Can not logon to any webmail system on ISPConfig 2.x installation

Hello everyone,

I have ISPConfig 2.2.32 installed on a Debian Lenny x86 server. I have installed and ran ISPConfig 2.x as well as 3.x in the past with webmail functioning, but not on a per-domain basis. I followed the walkthrough on "10 Easy Steps to RoundCube" and RoundCube seemed to install, I ran through the script, but it buged on IMAP in the final testing phase. I have since tried to logon with various accounts (both admin and user) from various "Clients" and various domains hosted by the ISPConfig server, but authentication is denied each time. I tried installing Taleon Webmail, same problem. I'm really not sure where I went wrong. I can logon and upload content to websites on all domains via FTP using the credentials I setup, but no luck on webmail. I have tried using the following syntax to logon:

web#_username / password
username@domain.tld / password
web#_username@domain.tld / password

Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. If any information is needed, I'll post it immediately. Thanks again in advance.

PS, I have all my routing and DNS setup properly.
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