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Default Catchall and Forwarding not working

I'm using ISPConfig 3 on a Cent 5.3 x86_64 VPS. Everything installed fine and after an initial check all services seemed to be working.

As my VPS has limited memory I noticed that clamav/amavis was using quite a lot of memory which has the effect of some of my hosted sites failing to open. As I'm using the VPS to host my own sites and I have virus scanning software installed on my own PC I decided to uninstall clamav and amavis to free up some memory. I've removed all traces of amavis from the and files so postfix will no longer attempt to use it.

What I'm finding now is that mail will only be delivered to a mailbox that I have explicitly set up. If I add a forward or configure a catchall then it gets rejected by maildrop. I've changed to run smtpd with the -v parameter and I can see that it is finding the alias but doesn't seem to do anything with it. Did amavis previously rewrite the recipient addresses which is why maildrop now rejects it?
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