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Thanks for the heads-up on Phalanger, that may prove quite useful :)

So architecturally, there's nothing that assumes unix-style daemons and textfile configs? Cool!

To be honest, I think I can get away with the original, basic work being done with LDAP direct into Active Directory - most user-level Exchange config is done (or retrievable) through it. I was actually thinking that IIS config could be done either via interfacing to VB scripts or via Powershell, but you're right - direct COM or .NET calls would be cleaner. Worst case scenario I temporarily use tons of temporary system() calls to helper utilities until I can find better alternatives for each :)

OK, I'll download everything tomorrow and start poking through the code to get a feel for the architecture. I think I might have fun tomorrow :D

Another question - does ISPConfig support running the interface on one machine, and actually performing the config work on another (or others)? Or is that something left to the backend plugins to implement?

Thanks heaps,

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