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Default ISPConfig Portability - Backend support for IIS/Exchange

Hi all,

First of all, I'll be straight up. I'm sure you get these all the time. It's a ISPConfig-on-Windows question (kind of). :)

I work for a smallish company that does ad-hoc hosting arrangements alongside IT service. Our core (hosting) infrastructure is primarily windows-based, all running atop ESX vms.

We're currently evaluating management control panels for both internal and client use - two possibilities so far are DTC and ISPConfig. We're in the preliminary phases of investigating this (I've never run either myself)

Open source has a couple of things going for it - it's modifyable, and it may be cheaper for me to modify it (with me being on salary anyway) versus paying a license fee of tens of thousands to one of the big boys.
I'm also a big F/OSS guy myself and try to slip it in where possible :)

Whilst I appreciate that ISPConfig is a Linux(/BSD)-centric system, my question is this:

How closely tied to the supported infrastructure (that is, Apache and Sendmail/Postfix) is ISPConfig? Would it be a feasable project for me to port and/or reimplement backends to support IIS and Exchange? Or would the changes be so massive it's not worth the effort? :)

Thanks in advance folks,

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