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I guess that you want to run a server from home.

Runing a server from home sounds like fun, but if you add everything together (fast internet connection contract + power use), you WILL be cheaper puting your server at a data center.
The nice things about having your server(s) at a DC, is that you will have (a) no problem with up and download speed. (b) extra IP's, (c) you can tell all your friends that you have your server at a DC with all the other big boys.

Where I live, you can get server rack space in a DC for arround $30 with 5 IP's and 300GB of data use per month.
Only "bad" thing is that the server needs to be a 1U format (size), and not use tomuch power (as in amps)

I started with my server at home on a fiber connection 30 Mb/s (up/down), and this did work, but again after the electicity bill came in I moved the server to a DC.

I now have 5 servers in this DC, and they each doing about 400GB per month.

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