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Originally Posted by till View Post
The esaiest way is that you use the dns management system of the company wre you regsitered the domain and simply point the domain with a dns A-Record to the IP of your server. Then do the same for the ww subdomain and create a MX record.
Thanks for your reply..

On My Domain Hosting Company I Have the options
Custom DNS Record

Primary Domain: "" points to "My Server IP Address"

Subdomains ( can be routed to IP addresses or domain names.

Do I Have to Set a Subdomain?? what would the subdomain be?

Mail records (mx1) can be routed to full domain names only. Enter the priority (we recommend increments of ten: 10 ... 20 ... 30).

MX1 Priority:____ Points to Alias/Domain: ___________________

So, here do I set Priority 10, points to

OK, thats on the domain hosting compan..

Now on my ISPConfig, what do I have to do on the DNS configuration part,
DO I have to create any kind of zone?
Do I have to create a MX record on my ISPConfig, what address it will be pointing to?

Another question, how do I setup the address, / will that be at the configuration of subdomain ot my domain hosting company?

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