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Originally Posted by till View Post
No. You can use any IP address or domain name that points to the server. So your problem is just as simple as you missed to create the dns A-Record.

I can't help thinking we are talking at cross purposes...

The server isn't facing the internet yet as I want to be sure it's perfect and secure before I make it a 'production server'. Hence I don't have a DNS record pointing at it.

However, if I get an error like
IMAP connect: NOT OK(Authentication for slowhand failed (LOGIN): "a001 NO Login failed.")

Is that *really* a DNS issue?

If the Roundcube installer asks me "what is your imap host server", surely I need to know the answer?


Are you really saying that if I opened the server up to the internet and pointed an A record at it the error would go away?

Edit: Imagine I wanted to mount the imap server in my OSX 'Mail App'. I wouldn't know what settings to use...?



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