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Default ISPConfig two servers.

Here is my current setup.

Box1 - Hosted in Australia, currently running full ISPConfig3 installation running all servers

Box2 - Clean install of debian.

This is what I want to setup

Box1 - Hoted in Australia, Running DNS, apache, mysqld as a slave of box2

Box2 - Hosted in US, runnig a full ISPconfig3 installtion as a master.

From what i've heard ISPconfig allows me to setup my box's in this manner and all changes can be made via the box2 webui but be applied to box1 where applicable (i.e. DNS entries/apache entries on that server etc).

I can't find that much information relating to multi-server setups in ispconfig3. I was hoping that some fellow users would be able to help me out.

Thanks in advance.
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