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Smile Forum/Howto ideas

Originally Posted by falko
Do you have any proposals for more fine-grained forums?
I have several ideas. Tell me what you think.

I would like to add a small request from the view of a forum moderator too The forum administration will be easier for the moderators if the users will start a new thread for every problem instead of posting severla problems in one thread. (Uber-moderator)

When I read this, I was thinking that it is a huge part of the problem. For example, how many "new threads" address the problem of "When I log into ISPConfig, I can't access the server configuration page..."? An expansion of the Howto section to include such common problems would save you a lot of time. You could have sections with tables of file locations for various distributions. Say that someone needs to change their IP addresses. You could have a small howto with a table listing the filenames and locations where the IP addresses are loated.
The forums could be broken down with sections for email, DNS, FTP, etc. The most useful information I've found for DNS was in the MyDNS documentation pages. A sticky thread with links to resorces could help point people in the right direction, and you only have to do that once! in the thread title you could write "Please check here before posting a new thread."
When a new user registers, they should have to read something that tells them they need to look around before posting a new thread.
Finally, you could avoid answering questions by improving the documentation for ISPConfig.
Thanks once again for your patience
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