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Question Confused by DNS


I've read the howtos about setting up an dns server on this site but I'm still a little bit confused about all that stuff. My problem is: I wanted to set up a dns server so that I'm able to manage the subdomains of my domain from my server itself. (That means, I want to create and delete subdomains by using a script and not the administration front-end brought to me by my webhoster.)

I've read in this forum that I have to wait about 72 hours until there are some ... updates. (Well... actually, I don't really know what this is about. Anyway...) So there are some question:
  • I've read that you need two servers to set up an dns server. Is that right? (Because I've only one server with one IP address.)
  • My webhoster offers me a web front-end to manage the DNS records for my domain. There are also two NS entries. Am I done, if I set these two NS records to my domain name ( and create an A record to my IP address? Or what are they for?
  • If it's not possible to manage the subdomains with my own dns server - is it then possible to set up an dns server for a subdomain, let's say for, so that I can manage subdomains like

There are some more question but this will be a start for me.
Thanks for your answers.

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