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Default Server Randomly Kills ALL Internet Connectivity for ALL Devices

Hello group...

I have been for some time now trying to get to the bottom of this situation and at this point am pulling my hair out.

The problem seems to be on Monday' but will occur on other days of the week too, but mostly on Monday!

I have replaced server hardware, NIC cards and even completely re-worked this server with Ubuntu Server 9.04 as this box was compromised at one point.

At times though I have to completely disconnect this server from the network as it brings down the T1 connection causing the CSU router to indicate a hard down with a red LED.
To fix it (temporarily) I disconnect the Ethernet cable to this server then a couple moments later I can re-connect it and all is fine again until the next time.

*I have also tried new Ethernet cables alike.

*During the outage if I run 'ifconfig' no collision or errors are shown.

*I have no secondary firewalls am only using the one in ISPC3

*Have run 'iptables -F' that way IPTables is not even doing anything either.

Can anyone help to shed some light on possible scenarios and possible solutions?

I would very much appreciate your help.

Thanking you in advance for your time.

Best Regards
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