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Originally Posted by till View Post
If it would work why are we having this thread then?

In a master slave setup a ispconfig sytsem relicates the data itself, so if you use ispconfig on both servers plus replication from mysql the updates collides and you get the errors that you posted here like that ispconfig tries to insert a database while this databse already exists because you mirrored it.

Either you wait for ispconfig 3.0.2 which will provide mirroring or you remove ispconfig from the second server and copy all changed config files, system users etc to the second server with rsync and restart the services on the second server afterwards.
When I said it was working, I meant that it seemed to be working until I did the upgrade.

If I remove ISPConfig from the second server, and copy the changed files over, will the second server work in case of failover? Isn't ISPC controlling, for example, the DNS service, Postfix, etc.?

Any ideas how long before 3.0.2?
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