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Originally Posted by lubos View Post
I still got only - 'Script end' Message. (Or script finished, I am not sure, writing from memory.
That's fine - second step done!

Originally Posted by lubos View Post
Is there something (some html) I have to put in the script? ... I changed server and login info as per instructions.
You have now to uncomment special sections inside the test script to see e. g. a dump of a data array of admin's webs. After uncommenting a section change the params there with necessary data, mostly only one value of a keyed array like 'reseller_id', that match your client-/ web-/ dns- conditions on your server.

At the end of course all this is useless if you don't know how to process retreived data or how data could be sent. You will need e. g. to create a form that call's the SOAP client script and passes input data to your server. If you don't know how this could be done then the framework is not for you.

Originally Posted by lubos View Post
Another question is: does the framework have to be on the same domain as the server?
No. The client script can call from hell if there is an internet connection and username and password are not wrong.
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