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Originally Posted by t-mug View Post
It means that your SOAP server works - now it has to be called from a SOAP client. Check the remoting framework example scripts.
Thanks for that info, I don't know what to check for in example I tried to set all as described in the posts mentioned above. However I still got only - 'Script end' Message. (Or script finished, I am not sure, writing from memory.

I asked before: Is there something (some html) I have to put in the script? Say tables or so (I would suppose that yes but it was not mentioned at all, therefore I did not want to broke anything inside ).
I tried both scripts one where is no html at all and second where is example from the other site, but I changed server and login info as per instructions.

Another question is: does the framework have to be on the same domain as the server?

Thank you for your reply and please help. I would really want to use it.

Now I have to set everything manually from back as my few clients (non paying - charities I support, friends etc.!) are not familiar with ISPConfig. If this will work I will have much less work.
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