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Default Multiserver setup bug

HI there,

I was setup up multi-server setup where my mysql server was split of to a separate box.
This tripped a bug in the slave-stuff since on that machine the $conf["dbmaster_host"] and $conf["db_host"] are identical.

This clashes with lib/ line 47 resulting in my local db being used as a master.
The piece of code reads:
if($conf["dbmaster_host"] != '' && $conf["dbmaster_host"] != $conf["db_host"]) { -- Config master -- } else { --User local as master--}

Is there any reason for this double check to be here? I would assume that the fact that a master server is present should be enough to use it.

So in my opinion, either the check needs to be removed or you need to change it to check the dabase names instead of the hosts.

** Edit
Looks like a similar check is in place @ lib/classes/ line 86.
I changed the line to:
if($app->db->dbName != $app->dbmaster->dbName) {

Now it's working like a charm ;-)



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