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Originally Posted by robertlouwen View Post
@ Croydon,

in /var/clients/client1/web1/web - ls shows webmail in red - ls -l shows webmail in red and behind blinking /var/www/webmail
in /var/clients/client1/web2/web and /var/clients/client2/web3 /web nothing.
So i think the symlink for web1 is created correctly for the other ones I have to create symlinks ( just assumed that creating a symlink was for all webs )

The subdomain was a easy one
1. give the subdomain the name webmail
2. domain :
3. redirect : L
4. redirect path /webmail/

At the domain I disabled "own error docs" and saved.
and still http 404.
If the "webmail" is red and the /var/www/webmail too then you did not link or install your webmail program to /var/www/webmail.
That explains also the error 404!

The 2 other domains cannot have this link as you have not edited them yet i assume
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